5-axis machining center Hermle C40U dynamic

X 850mm   Y 700mm   Z500mm   A +25°/-110°  C 360° Torque max ø 850mm HSK63, 125 tool places, motor spindle 18000rpm 32 kW Heidenhain iTNC 530, Renishawtaster, Blum laser measurements for tools

5-axis machining center RemaControl T5 3.3

X 3300mm   Y 1000mm   Z1000mm B +/-91° C 360° Torque max ø 1100mm SK40, 50 tool places, motor spindle 12000rpm 30kW Heidenhain 530, Renishaw RMP60, Heidenhain TT140

4-axis machining center Quaser MV204II

X 1020mm   Y 620mm   Z 600mm A 360° max ø 450mm SK40, 32 tool places, Spindle 10000rpm 39kW Heidenhain 426

3-axis machining center Emco VMC300

X 500mm Y 300mm Z 300mm SK40, 12 tool places, Spindle 5000rpm 14kW Sinumerik 810D

Turning centre Hyundai Hit250M

ø 500mm x 800mm Diameter MKE ø60mm x 1200mm Main spindle 3000rpm 35kW VDI40, 12 tool places, 12 driven tools 5000rpm Sinumerik 840D

Turning centre EMCO Turn 360

ø 400mm x 500mm Diameter Kupa ø 55mm x 1100mm Main spindle 4000rpm 25kW VDI30, 12 tool places, 6 driven tools 4000rpm Sinumerik 810T

Lathe TUG40

ø350mm x 1000mm

3x CAD-CAM-workplaces

VISI from Vero Software

Design and Machining-Module

CNC 3D-measuring machineTESA

Measurement X 400mm Y 700mm Z 400mm with CNC-swivel head 5° indexable, Software PC-Demis


ø 350mm / B 550mm x H 350mm

Automated band saw

ø 320mm / B 300mm x H 300mm

Circular saw Eisele

ø 80mm / B 100mm x H 80mm

Welding machine WIG 200A
Welding machine MAG 275A
Welding machine MAG 375A ELIN


Indoor crane DEMAG 3,2 to
Sandblast SABLUX

for individual parts or bulk materials in barrel


for processing from PEMForce-fitting fastening max. press force 5t